It's an honor to help you step into your full potential and live your life with grace & ease.

My dharma

is to guide and support you on your personal health evolution.

to create more space- energetically, physically and mentally

to allow health, love and light to shine through

to help you awaken to more truth, potential and joy



I’m an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Health Coach, Level III Reiki Therapist and Priestess of the Moon.

I’m passionate about helping you upgrade your daily habits, routines and lifestyle to feel better in body & mind and open to higher consciousness with the ancient art of Ayurveda and personal guidance of Yoga Health Coaching.


★ Ayurvedic Practitioner – Kerala Academy 2013

★ Ayurvedic Clinical Internship at Kerala Clinic, India 2013

★ Ayurveda Panchakarma Internship at Ayurvedagram, Bangalore, India 2013

★ Mentor & Assistant for the Living Ayurveda Course  2015-2017

★ Mentor & Assistant for the Yogi Detox 2015-2017

★ Level III Reiki Master 2014

★ Priestess of the Moon – Goddess Rising Mystery School 2015

Trainings, Teachers, and Guides

My training truly started with a self- interest in Ayurveda 7 years ago. I dove in head-first and started practicing the ancient techniques to heal myself.

Formally, I’ve spent 3 years studying with Kerala Ayurveda Academy to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner. In this program, I had the privilege to travel to India and intern at an Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala, and also focus on panchakarma therapies while interning at Ayurvedagram in Bangalore, India.

I’ve studied with Cate Stillman for over two years to become a certified Yoga Health Coach. I’ve also acted as both a mentor and assistant for the Living Ayurveda Course, a 9 month Ayurveda program.

My Reiki training has been passed from Shanti Jii, a beautiful soul and woman with an amazing herstory and experience practicing with Osho and Maharishi.

I’ve also had the supreme blessing to meet and sit with my Guru, Sri Mooji. His presence and guidance has undoubtedly had a profound impact upon my being.


I believe that :

  • We are unique, complex, and infinitely wondrous individuals
  • Our personalized path to healing doesn’t have to be complicated
  • The way we structure our everyday life has a massive impact on how we feel.
  • Simple choices ripple out
  • Self care is paramount to feeling good. it’s in your hands
  • We are conscious beings with an innate intelligence to make choices that lead us to greater health and joy, but sometimes we need guidance, clarity, or reminders to help point us in the right direction, re-establish balance and vitality.

10 Things I Love

1.Lip gloss

2. Quiet time to simply be

3. Snowboarding & hiking in the mountains

4. Tiny, delicate flowers

5. The quiet simplicity of autumn & winter

6. Living in synch with the moon & allowing the moon to live through me

7. Produce markets ~ especially in foreign countries

8. Diving into a deep, cold, fresh lake and then laying in the sun

9. Dancing

10. A clean, high vibe, organized, and beautiful home temple space.