An Ayurvedic Assessment

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What is an Ayurvedic assessment? And how can it help you?

Originating from present day India, ayurveda is an ancient health science known as “the wisdom of life.” It’s main purpose is to connect your personal, inner nature to that with the external nature, and ultimately the deep underlying consciousness that flows through all nature.

The total encompassing, understanding and healing on a very individual level is what makes ayurveda successful. No two people are alike, and neither is their path to wellness. Total well-being is found in a unique and personally tailored plan completely customized for the client to live in harmony with mind, body, and spirit.

An Ayurvedic assessment starts with the client giving a detailed description of the qualities they were born with, their general history, their present day experiences, and what they may also want to specifically improve. Suggestions to create balance, over-all health and vitality are focused on : diet, exercise, personal relationships, home life, herbal remedies, meditation, daily and seasonal routine, detox, healing therapies such as oil massage, suitable living climates, career, and any other pertinent information.

It is not meant to be a quick fix, or even easy. The changes to incorporate into your life can take time and effort.  Some remedies and new lifestyle habits create immediate relief from symptoms, while others are part of a new style or perspective with living that slowly transform you on many levels.  Ayurveda is a way to help a person come back into their true self and live in harmony with nature. When someone is inspired to understand why they have a dis-ease with living, and what changes to make to rediscover an ease with life, and the natural way to get there, then Ayurveda is the perfect fit.

Ayurveda consultations are also a practice in prevention. When seemingly unrelated health issues keep coming up it is your body’s way of telling you that there is an internal imbalance. Looking deeper within, and as the person as a whole, greater health can be created and more severe disease down the road is adverted. Tools are also created to prevent reoccurrence of the illness.

These aspects in life: routine, diet, exercise, relationships, etc, are all ways to help us connect and live more fully from the heart and soul. Healing comes from the heart, the soul’s connection to the greater divine, and Ayurveda is one beautiful way to help you get there.