Ayurvedic Assessment

A Personal Health Consultation


When you understand your own personal nature – your positive attributes and negative tendencies, and how it is influenced by the nature around you, you are empowered to make choices that enhance your best qualities and prevent illness or disease.

Ayurveda is unique in that it honors YOUR uniqueness.

No two people are the same. A diet of raw salads and green smoothies can help one woman feel energized, while roasted root vegetables with ghee and warm breakfast grains might be better for another.

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An Ayurvedic Assessment is a private consultation, one-on-one, that lasts approximately 1.5 hours.


During this session, I ask you a series of thorough questions to go over your own traits in your body, mind and emotions, your health history, all current issues you are having, and your health goals (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.)

Your inherent doshic combination will be determined- known as your prakruti, along with your energetic imbalances – known as your vikruti.


A custom tailored plan will be created to support your body to heal, prevent illness and disease in the future, and set you on the trajectory towards ultimate wellness, vitality and radiance.

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Recommendations Include:


  • Clarifying the habits, lifestyle tendencies or limiting beliefs that are causing your dis-harmony.
  • Creating a customized whole-foods diet with specific foods and tastes to emphasize, as well as cooking methods, and pinpointing which foods to avoid.
  • Enriching self-care practices to experience deeper love, trust, joy, abundance & radiance.
  • Yoga asanas and exercise programs best suited to your nature.
  • Pranayama and meditation techniques for healing your whole self.
  • The top three action steps to implement right away.
  • Behavior changing methods to integrate the recommendations without overwhelm and how to help them 'stick'.



An Ayurvedic Assessment is for you if:


  • You are ready to make some changes on how you live and how you care for yourself to feel better.
  • You aren't looking for a "quick fix" and are aware that lasting changes come with a commitment to yourself.
  • You are ready to upgrade your daily routine, lifestyle, self-care and perspective.
  • You believe in your ability to heal.

Ayurveda Can Help ~


  • Digestive issues such as bloating, gas, constipation, acid reflux, loose stools, etc.
  • Acne and skin issues
  • PMS
  • Menstrual cycles - Irregularity, pain, disconnect, Dysmenorrhea, heavy bleeding, etc
  • Personalized Detoxes
  • Anxiety, Depression, ADD, general worries, high stress, negative attitude or 'stuck in a rut'
  • Insomnia
  • Weight Loss
  • Allergies
  • Cancer
  • IBS, Crohn's
  • Lymes Disease
  • Hormonal issues - Thyroid, Adrenal Fatigue, Narcolepsy



  • Consultations take place over the phone or in-person in the Grass Valley, CA area.
  • After the initial session, you also get follow-up emails for more guidance and support.
  • The first session starts at $99.


To Book An Ayurvedic Assessment:


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Anna is calm, compassionate, and fully dedicated to the health and well-being of those she serves. She listened acutely, getting to know the intricacies of my body and life, then made meaningful, individualized recommendations. Upon following those recommendations, my quality of life has improved dramatically. Over one year later, I still consult the notes and recommendations I received from Anna on a regular basis to re-assess my self-care and wellness. I highly recommend Anna Welle Ayurveda for support in healing and whole-life fulfillment. She will dedicate herself to meeting your individualized needs and will be highly professional in the process.

—Georgia Del Favaro


Anna has such a beautiful energy and soul. Whether it was Reiki or an Ayurveda consultation, I always left our sessions feeling rejuvenated and reconnected with my body. Anna takes the time to get to know her clients so your time with her is personal, comfortable, and relaxed. She helped introduce me to the wonderful art and science of Ayurveda, which has completely transformed my life for the better!




I knew Ayurveda could be part of the solution to my problems, but I wanted to be sure to set off on the right foot. With incredible professionalism and compassion she made a full assessment of the situation. Her attention to detail and actionable suggestions have enabled me to live my life in better health and I look forward to working with her again very soon.