Breath Body Practice

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The Basics of Ayurveda for Big Results ::: 


Breath Body Practice



Move your body to breathe deep. Moving and breathing deep moves out the old and wakes up each cell with prana (vital life- force energy.)


Moving, breathing deep, taking in fresh prana creates connectivity in your whole system. A connected body is a more intelligent body. Greater intelligence yields greater choices throughout the day.


Exercise, especially before eating, moves, clears and cleanses the lymphatic system, also known as rasa dhatu. A clear and healthy lymph system helps you feel clear and healthy.


Breathing deep and moving before breakfast feels amazing! You feel fresh, alive, open, energized and keyed up. It truly is a healthy addiction. Start this habit now, and after a regular practice you won’t want to miss it. The day you don’t move, you’ll simply feel ‘off’ and you’ll dive back in.




Move your body and breathe deep!


Dance, do yoga, go for a walk or jog, lift weights, pranayama, do an exercise video… anything to get you moving and breathing, to take in some fresh prana, before you eat.


Whatever sounds good to your body, go for it. Move from your body (not your head) and keep the movement of prana happening with deep breaths. Start with 5 minutes a day, everyday, and slowly work up to 20 or 30 minutes. Make breath your first meal of the day.


I like to do about 5- 10 sun salutations and then go into some deeper stretching or dance for 5 minutes, depending how I feel. My main or longer exercise routine I save for later in the day, but you could just as well do your main exercise before breakfast.



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Happy Breathing 🙂

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