Earlier, Lighter Dinner

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The Basics of Ayurveda for Big Results :::


Eat an early, light dinner. 




Our digestive fire is the strongest in the middle of the day. We can break down our food and create strong, healthy tissues when we have lunch as the biggest meal of the day.


An early, light dinner that is easy to digest is easier on the digestive system. Secondly, our metabolism kicks up from 10pm-2am. If our main fire in the gut isn’t over-loaded, the body can direct its energy on these “little fires” throughout the cells, tissues and organs. The liver especially wants to cleanse and detox at this time. The result: you prevent ama (toxins) from building up and instead you are regularly “cleaning house” every night while you sleep.


You will wake up more clear, light, and fresh. Little ailments like inflammation, allergies, mucous, grogginess, crabbiness, achy joints, etc will naturally start to disseminate.




Start making your dinner earlier, or lighter.


Move dinner forward by 10 minutes a week until you’re eating your last meal before the sun goes down (ideally).


You can also, slowly, take out heavier or harder to digest items and add them to your lunch. Proteins, fats, heartier or ‘fancier’ meals are easier to digest when our digestion is strong.


Light dinners are: more vegetable based, salads, soups, one-pot meals, simple and easy.


Remember that a little change, slowly, consistently over time, can make a huge difference and be more likely for you to maintain.


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{Art: Alphonse Mucha}