Early to Bed

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The Basics of Ayurveda for Big Results ::: 


Go to sleep early. 




When it’s dark out, we’re meant to sleep. This includes winding down, chilling out, and relaxing after the sun starts to go down. Rest, relaxation, and straight up making time to kick back and enjoy life is important for our health.


A sweet, lovely evening of relaxing or having fun helps to build ojas – the refined nectar that holds our prana (vital life force energy). Relaxing in the evening builds a strong immunity. It helps you flow into an easy bedtime ritual and fall asleep easily. It supports your deeper rest and nourishment, to wake up with the sun and shine bright.




Quit ‘burning the candle at both ends.’ Put away your work early. Don’t over-book yourself. Schedule in some chill time after dinner.


Start noticing when you get tired and honor that – don’t push through it.


Create a simple and nourishing evening ritual for yourself and get into bed a little earlier. Slowly, over time, you will get more rested and wake up earlier. But first the emphasis is on getting rested.


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Take care.


{ ART : ‘Repos de Nuit’ (Night’s Rest) from the Times of Day series.  – Alphonse Mucha }