Easeful Living

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Easeful Living 




Relax to allow. Soften to open, to be a channel of spirit. Flow through life like water as the wu wei.


When you’re stressed out, you’re constricted. When you’re constricted, you’re closing yourself off from source. You’re impeding the flow of your spirit ~ the deepest, most subtle and all-pervading aspect of yourself. Being stressed out increases your chance of dis-ease and poor health.


When you let go and drop into an easeful state, you flow with grace. You are open to and in synchronization with “the bigger picture.” You’re in alignment with your divine nature.


The more easefullness you can practice living everyday, the more easefulness you will regularly experience and attract into your life. You experience greater health.




Life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. It doesn’t have to be nor is it meant to.


When you’re pushing into your edge of evolution, there will be discomfort. Often times things don’t go as planned, or challenges confront us. Stressful situations can happen.


The practice is not to turn away from what can arise, but instead to remain in your center – with your perception coming from your heart, the larger field of consciousness, or your point of awareness.


Living from this perspective, moment by moment, day to day, trains yourself into relaxing into the field of the divine, even with all the bumps along the way, rather than constrict or restrict your openness to it.


To support your easeful approach to life ~

  • meditate or sit in silence everyday
  • do what brings you joy
  • cultivate and share the feelings of love, trust, faith, gratefulness, support
  • don’t suppress or avoid emotions, feel them deeply and allow them to move through you
  • continually refer to or lean into your experience of the great mystery, of the under-lying beingness that up-holds and gives life.
  • when stress or challenge is present, orient your perspective from your point of awareness or your heart. Relax or soften the stress as much as possible
  • practice deep breathing
  • follow the wisdom from spiritual leaders that resonate with you.




{ Art : Primrose – Alphonse Mucha }