Easy Tips to Help You Sleep Easy

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Deep, restful sleep is so important for our health. In the winter time, when the days are shorter and the nights are longer, mother nature encourages us to get more shut-eye and step back from the fast paced style of living. With long nights, we should spend more time sleeping, resting, and slowing down in general. This helps our brain and nervous system really glow and thrive, especially for the approaching spring and summer. Alternatively, bitter cold weather, strong winds, worry and over-exherstation in the winter can create sleepless nights for many people. When your body and mind get a little out of whack, it’s much easier to bring yourself back into balance before bigger issues arise. That’s what Ayurveda is all about, finding inner balance that flows with nature, so you can thrive. These are my top three free tips to help you sleep~~

1. Set a schedule.

Just the same as when you were a young kid, your body wants to be on a schedule. It loves to know what to expect, and get in a groove everyday. When you start to unwind and shift gears in the late evening, you are allowing the relaxation process to unfold naturally. The more regular you can be with your process, the more ingrained it becomes in you. Samskaras, the grooves of our thought processes, will start to naturally be molded or adjusted with healthier habits.

It’s best to go to sleep before 10 pm, and if your set schedule is pretty far away from that right now, just start adjusting by 15-20 minutes a week, so you can slowly adapt. If  erratic work shifts, lots of traveling, or other things prevent regularity in your life, having a specific nightly process will really help. Doing the same routine, even if at different times, will still create more stability to help you relax into dream land.

2. Turn of your electronics.

That’s right. No blogging at midnight. Shut down your computer, tv, smart phone, iPad, and anything else that will through off your circadian rhythm. Instead of having your eyes affixed to a glowing screen, try writing in a journal, reading a book, or just listening to music. Remember, the nights are long and dark for a reason. If you’ve got work to get done, wake up early when the sun does, and plug everything back in!

3. Rub oil into your feet.

This is a classic Ayurvedic method to soothe your nerves on a deep and simple level. If I wake up at 2 am on blustery February night, this trick works wonders! Any natural oil will work. Unrefined, cold-pressed and organic are the way to go. Sesame and almond are the best choices for the winter time. Olive, coconut, jojoba and castor are also great. Just rub the oil into the soles of your feet with strong, steady pressure and a pleasant awareness on your actions.

If you experience low back pain, dry skin, nervousness, anxiety, constipation, or sensitivity to the cold, getting a good night’s sleep might be more of a challenge for you. If you’d like any personalized help, send me a message and I’d love to talk to ya!

Happy health and sweet dreams to everyone~~