Five Simple Steps to Start a Meditation Practice

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There are unlimited ways to meditate. Everything and anything can be and is a meditation. Here are five easy steps to start a silent sitting meditation practice.


1. Find a quiet place to sit. Ideally, find somewhere you won’t be disturbed and you can go back to everyday. In your bedroom, at the foot of your bed, in your yoga space, on the porch, in a guest bedroom, or wherever you can create a peaceful sanctuary is a nice place. Avoid any habitual spots where you watch t.v., read, or sit for regular day-to-day activities. In these places your mind may go into its automatic thought mode.


2. Find a regular time. If you can fit your meditation into your everyday routine and regular schedule you are more likely to stick to it and it will become a regular part of your day. For example, in the morning after you get up and brush your teeth, on your lunch break, in the evening before dinner or at sunset, or as part of your night routine are all great times to regularly practice. Regular consistency everyday, even if for a short time span, can be more beneficial than long and erratic meditation sessions.


3. Find a comfortable sitting position. Relax into your body, with your spine straight and aligned. You can sit on a cushion or stack of pillows on the floor, with your sit bones near the edge of the pillows to allow your hips to tilt forward and your legs to rest comfortably. Sitting in a chair works fine too. It is best to sit at the edge of the chair to avoid leaning back too far on the back rest. Place your feet flat on the floor and rest your hands on your knees or thighs.


4. Relax. Take a few deep, long, and slow breaths. Focus on your breath for as long as you like- a couple of breath cycles, a couple of minutes, or longer, whatever feels good.


5. Bring your awareness to the center of your being. Feel into the presence and spaciousness of your inner self. Rest in this space. Allow thoughts to come and go, just pass through like clouds in the sky. Do not give them any extra attention nor be discouraged that they appear. Simply allow them to be, and refocus your attention back into the space of your being. Rest in the awareness and peacefulness of your center.