Guided Grounding and Healing Meditation

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Grounding down, connecting to the earth, letting go of any energy, thoughts or emotions that are lingering in your body, and bringing in new clarity and healing light are the focus of this simple meditation practice.

Begin sitting in a quiet space. Let the bottom of your pelvis and sit bones sink into your seat. Place the soles of your feet firmly on the ground, or if cross legged let your feet, ankles and legs relax onto the ground. Stretch your spine tall, reaching the crown of your head into the vast expanse of the sky. Lift your shoulders and round them down the back. Exhale deeply. Slowly inhale and exhale with relaxed, full breaths. Take in fresh prana (life force energy) to restore each and every cell of your body. Exhale everything that is not serving you. Let go into the present.

Picture a cord surrounding your body. It can be red, white, or any color you are strongly drawn to. The cord or root encompasses the width of your body, stretching a couple feet in diameter. Check to see if your cord is complete, strong, and whole. If it feels or appears incomplete or lacking in anyway, create a new one. When it feels strong and healthy, visualize the root growing from your body into the ground. It passes through the chair, the floor of your house into the first layer and top soil of the earth. It stretches down into the rock, the layers of granite and basalt, deeper into the mantle, deeper and deeper into the very core of the earth. At the center, your root, you, are strongly connected to mother earth. Feel the connection.

With the powerful connection to the center of the earth, allow yourself to release and let go of anything you might be holding onto. Thoughts, emotions, cloudy energy, anything that is not serving you can be let go and washed away. Let it all be taken down into the fiery core of the earth to be recycled. It might feel like water draining down through the base of your body, being flushed away, grey smoke drifting down and out, a weight being released, a variety of any personal experiences you have, or simply nothing at all. Take a few deep breaths. Inhale the new, let go of the old with each exhale. Sit with this for as long as you like.

Next, feel into the clear, open expansiveness of your being. Now imagine a bright white light shining above you, emanating from the very central star of our cosmos.  The light shines down onto the crown of your head, slowly pouring into the crown chakra, into your skull, filling your head with healing white light. It shines down further, illuminating your whole being, trickling down like star dust or star light, healing every cell and atom it touches. Your head, face, ears, throat, chest, shoulders, every bit of your body is slowly lightened from the central star. Light shines down through your arms into your wrists, hands, and fingertips. It slowly illuminates and fills your chest, your heart, lungs, and core of your body with white light. The light continues to shine down, healing and illuminating each organ in your torso. Your stomach, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, gallbladder, intestines, everything is touched by the white light and becomes perfectly healthy and whole. The light shines down through your intestines, through the entire pelvic region, illuminating and healing your uterus, bladder, and reproductive organs. All are filled with the beautiful light. It continues to flow down your legs, touching your thighs, knees, calves, ankles, and all the way into your feet and toes. Your entire body, your being, is fully infused with the healing white light of our central star. It emanates through every nook and cranny, every organ, tissue, fiber and cell of your body. It shines through your heart and radiates from you. Sit, feel, and be with the glow.