Hot Blood

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Is the heat of the summer getting to you? Are you feeling irritable, angry, or short tempered? Is your period excessively heavy or long? Or maybe you’re getting ready to spend 10 days in the middle of the Nevada Desert…

If so, I’d like to recommend a little pitta rakta shamana, a blood purifying. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s ayurveda love for your body mind and soul.

1. Eat dinner early.

Your last meal or snack of the day should be around 6 pm. After eating, it’s also great to go for a walk or a little exercise. The body naturally cleanses the blood from 10 pm- midnight. If your food has moved on from gross digestion in the stomach to subtle digestion, your body has the time and space to metabolize everything in your liver and circulation.

2. Enjoy the bounty of the summer // eat pitta pacifying foods.

Cucumbers, melons, berries, summer squash, lettuces, leafy greens, figs, zucchini, peaches, grapes, plums, apricots, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc. Whole grains and nuts are also great.

Bonus points– add a generous handful of cilantro // parsley // or dandelion to your fresh juice or smoothie of the day.


Add this amazing spice to your rice, soup, stews, veggies, anything! You can add 1 tsp to a small cup of warm milk or water and add a little honey, or juice the fresh root if it is available. A miracle spice, turmeric cleanses the blood, reduces inflammation, supports the liver, is an anti oxidant, and so much more.

4. Take 2 Tbl of aloe juice once or twice a day.

5. Make a Hima decoction.

Hima = Cold

Mix equal parts cumin and coriander seeds, then add 1 tsp to a jar of filtered, cold water. Allow the jar to sit overnight, preferably in the moonlight, to infuse the cooling qualities of the herbs. Strain and drink the cooling tea throughout the day. You can also add pure, raw sugar if you wish.

6. Enjoy some pitta pacifying actives:

  • walk barefoot in the grass
  • go for a swim, preferably in a fresh lake
  • smell the roses
  • avoid mid- day sun
  • retire to bed early
  • practice shitali pranayama
  • enjoy some rest and relaxation
  • rub coconut oil on the soles of your feet

7. Avoid all alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, heating spices, salt, and “junk food” in your diet.