Make Room For Spirit

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Naturally increasing our sacred awareness and energy with one of the most empowering and essential elements of who we are: our spirit, allows one of the most basic and fundamental parts of who we are to expand. Giving more space and energy to our boundless nature of supreme nothingness and bliss, magically, enhances all other aspects of who we are.



My three main suggestions to ‘make more room for spirit’:



1. Make the time.

  • Everyday, for five, ten, thirty minutes or more, sit in silence, meditation or a quiet reflective state. If possible, you can even meditate during the early morning hours just before sunrise, known as Brahma-Muhurtam, the most peaceful and spiritual time of day.
  • Dedicate one day a week (or month) to have extra time for your spiritual practice and cultivating more inner awareness. I love ‘super soul sacred Sundays’ and take part in satsang from 7 am – noon, then go on a lovely long walk in the hills, and have a relaxing and quiet evening at home. Maybe you connect with your sangha that day and practice what’s sacred for you.
  • Schedule a retreat. Perhaps it’s a dedicated meditation or spiritual retreat at a destination location or in your home, maybe a camping trip to a special land,  a trip you take that is set with special intentions, or even a get-away to a quiet cabin. When it’s important to you, you can make the time, even if you have to schedule it far in advance.
  • Every single moment of every single day is the perfect time to be with spirit. When you first wake up and lay in bed, while you brush your teeth, as you sip your warm morning beverage, washing up dishes, driving your car, stuck in traffic, working, conversing with others… Every moment of everyday we can presence into the awareness of what gives us life within. The more often we experience the spaciousness within, the more frequent and natural it becomes to rest in spirit, rather than the mind.


2. Get in Your Zone.

  • Practice what is special for you and encourages your connection to source. I love being in nature. Creating art, yantras, mantras, yoga, being present with animals, bonsai, cooking, writing poetry, dancing, staring into someones eyes, deeply listening… whatever brings you deeper into the space of your heart — do more of that.


3. Unplug.

The radical and seemingly bottomless source of information and connection available to us through the superb technology of computers, phones, tvs, tablets, kindles, etc is awesome. But it also easily feeds the mind. When you don’t feel connect to source while using these devices, its best to unplug and move your attention elsewhere.

  • Commit to no electronics for the last two hours you are awake at night, and the first two hours when you wake up in the morning. (or whatever is realistic for you).
  • Charge your electronic devices outside the bedroom.
  • Have an electronics-free day once a week.
  • Limit your time online or with a screen whenever you feel necessary, but especially in the presence of other people or while eating.


What are your suggestions for connecting more with spirit?? I’d love to hear in the comments below >>>


May you relish in the light of your own inner essence, and be a beacon to those searching for their own.

Love and Blessings xoxo