New Moon

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%22The Empress%22 - Emily Balivet





“The Dreamer”


Winter Season, Vata Dosha




The new moon phase represents the quiet, dark stillness of winter. It is a time of deep rest and nourishment. Similar to a winter hibernation, the yin energy of the new moon is our invitation and request to practice being rather than doing. This is an essential part of life – to pulsate in opposition from the modern day society mode of accomplishing goals and striving forward, and instead surrender into a soft experience of non-doing.


In the place of non-doing, we turn our attention inward. We relax and open into our quiet, mysterious nature. From rest, reflection, silence and openness, we have greater access to our innate sense of knowing, of our bodies strong wisdom, and our intuition. During menstruation, the hormones released cause the left and right hemispheres of the brain to merge. We live in a waking meditation. This meditative state supports our openness and connection with the soul, and realms beyond the physical. We are in a better connection and communion with our higher self, ancestors, spirit guides, angelic beings, animal totems, goddess / god, and the divine. The veil between the human personality and the soul is the thinnest.


When menstruating, the portal where spirit becomes matter (the uterus) is opened and flowing. This special time of the cycle creates a heightened sensitivity and great vulnerability. It is also a time of incredible power.


In ancient times, as many Native cultures still practice and as we are collectively remembering, the period of the dark moon and  menstruation was a holy ceremony. The open portal and easy, natural state of spirituality was honored in the space of a moon lodge. The dark moon and the moon lodge are quiet, sacred containers to support the important processes at this time in the lunar cycle.


In the space of darkness, all that is ready to be released and die can come forward and move out. Unfulfilled needs and longings are brought up and out. Anything that does not match our current or raising frequency is pulled to the surface and cleared away. This process can be uncomfortable, yet is and essential part of personal growth.


The dark moon, like winter, honors death as a very vital part of life. When we slow down, stop, rest in being and hold time in a dark place, we support and can even enhance the new moon time and all the beauty and power it brings. We align with the greater energies of nature.


With surrender death and release, we create emptiness. In the emptiness (as often symbolized by the chalice) we have room for something new to emerge.


Letting go of what’s done or no longer serving allows us to plant seeds for what can become!


At the new moon we are prime to set intentions for the coming cycle – in this lunar phase or in the next 6 months. We can take this opportunity to clarify and refine what we need or desire, to state that intention, and send the wish into the quantum field of the universe to be manifest.


As a whole, this portion of the lunar cycle is a time for aloneness, rest, relaxation, release, meditation, moon-time rituals and connection to spirit. It is a time to honor the art of being, and pulse away from doing.


Ayurvedic Lifestyle practices for New Moon Phase  ➤


  • It is imperative to slow down. Take rest. Relax into your soft nature. Have a very easy and slow pace, with a focus on self nourishment.
  • Cramps and pain during menstruation can be alleviated with a hot water bottle and warm bathes. Severe cramps can be assisted by hot paks with castor oil throughout the cycle except while bleeding.
  • Eat simple, easy to digest and nourishing foods that are warm and more liquid based. Soups, stews, kitchari, or one-pot meals are best.


  • Take a lot of rest and prioritize relaxation. Have intentional alone time and support yourself to release and connect with the cooling nature of the moon.
  • Move into a more meditative state, out of the head, and quiet down. Open to receiving insights, visions, dream messages, intuition, and inner wisdom.
  • Eat more cooling and cleansing foods, with a very simple or even bland diet. Green smoothies, fresh and simple vegetables especially root veggies, juicy fruits and whole grains.


  • Support the process to release and let go. The more time and space you have to let go (personal space, quiet time alone, being in the darkness of the moon, creating a moon lodge) the more you can shed what you are ready to.
  • Connect to nature. Feel the support of mother earth holding and caring for you. Relax into her strength.
  • Eat light and simple. Be easy on digestion, and eat what won’t weigh you down. Soups with clear broth, light fruits, greens and leafy vegetables, and lots of tea or lemon water are best.


When you honor yourself as you change through your cycle, you honor everyone and the greater nature as a whole. In your honoring and your remembrance, you embrace and embody the divine feminine ways. Honoring and living the feminine wisdom heals your body, mind and soul, heals humanity and heals the earth. May you be supported and enjoy this incredibly beautiful, powerful, profound aspect of your divine feminine being. And may your light and love shine bright for all others to honor the moon and their lunar qualities in return.


{Art: The Empress – by Emily Balivet }