Ojas ~ The nectar of consciousness

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Ojas – the essence of kapha dosha

The subtle dosha Ojas arises from the dosha kapha. Kapha is the energy of earth and water. It is the stabilizing, building, physicality of the body.


Ojas is the pure essence of all the bodily tissues, the refinement and nectar that is created when the dhatu agnis (tissue metabolism) is prime and tejas is balanced. Ojas is the gel of consciousness, the container.

Ojas creates unity consciousness, the cohesion of all. As an individual, it is immunity. Ojas is the potential source of strength, power, and natural resistance. It is feeling into the ground of beingness, and having the sense that all is well. Ojas is order, the simplicity, point zero. In tantra it is known as Shiva consciousness and I like to consider it your moony essence.


Ojas is what holds prana, and is made by tejas. All three in the trinity are dependent and effected by another. When harmonizing, one experiences great inspiration, energy, a sense of richness and bliss. Too much or too little ojas will impact your health and experience of consciousness




Excess Ojas:

  • stagnation
  • heaviness
  • complacency
  • stuck
  • dull
  • out of touch
  • “fat, happy and just don’t care”
  • hoarding

Low Ojas:

  • deception
  • lack of immunity
  • can’t build or contain prana
  • disconnected from the one, wholeness, or others
  • fear
  • feeling a lack of support

Balanced Ojas:

  • effortlessness
  • moony glow
  • strength and endurance
  • groundedness
  • trust and faith
  • a feeling abundance, having enough of anything to share
  • richness and fullness
  • wisdom embodied

How to create and maintain a balance of Ojas ➤ 


  1. Get Grounded
    • create a dinacharya – a constant rhythm and structure in your day. have your meal times and sleeping times as consistent as possible. these are your stakes in the ground, especially when life gets chaotic.
    • do a grounding meditation everyday at the same time
    • practice abhyangha (self oil massage) and foot massage everyday
    • relax in the evenings and connect to the kapha time of day. this is especially important to ambitious people or anyone going through a lot of transformations.
    • create a sweet evening routine and go to sleep early, around the same time every night
  2. Nourish
    • eat ojas increasing foods: dates, ghee, nut milks, kitchari, healthy fats and oils.
    • sit down and eat mindfully with presence at every meal. eat slow and enjoy the food to build healthy tissues and a strong agni.
    • maintain healthy and ample body fat
    • always listen to the body and honor your body’s needs.
    • be gentle with yourself
    • practice yin yoga
    • slow down
    • surrender to what is and simply allow
    • have faith, trust and reassurance in life that all is well and working out for your highest good.


If you would like further support to create and enhance your ojas, please schedule an Ayurvedic Assessment.
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Woman taking in the essence of the moon, an example of Ojas.