Pitta Dosha

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Hawk flying with talons out and fierce eyes to represent pitta dosah






Elements: Fire + Water

Qualities: oily, sharp, hot, light, acidic, spreading and liquid

Governs: Transformation, Conversion, Digestion

Life Phase: Puberty to Menopause, Middle Age, Maiden/Mother

Season: Summer

Lunar Phase: Waxing Moon to Full Moon

Daily Cycle: 10am – 2pm and 10pm – 2 am


Pitta arises from the elements of fire and water. It is the energy of transformation, conversion and digestion. It’s like the sun or the fire within our bodies that breaks down and transforms. It creates heat and gives light.


Pitta creates luster, confidence, clear vision, and a strong will. It helps us discriminate, speak to the point, maintain body temperature and adds color to life.


Pitta is like a hawk or a tiger.


Qualities of Pitta in the Body + Mind:


Pitta is expressed in radiant, colorful or piercing eyes. People with high pitta tend to have strong facial features – a sharp nose, strong jawline, or heavy brow bone. They tend to have fair skin that is sensitive to the sun and also freckles, red fiery hair or  blonde colorings. High pitta also creates balding or early graying of the hair.


The pitta body is of medium build and medium height, with more muscle tone or a stronger physique.


Strong pitta creates strong leadership – good speaking skills, goal oriented and big visions. It also creates a desire for organization, neatness, and having things “in order.” Making lists, having a plan, and being on time or right on schedule is pitta to a T. Pitta is witty, intelligent, and easily in the present moment.


Excess pitta creates a sharp tongue and can lead to criticizing or hurtful words. It causes irritability, anger, annoyance, frustration and a hot temper.


High pitta creates acid reflux, inflammation, skin rashes, acne, heartburn, diarrhea, infections, excess sweating, sensitivity to heat and light, burning sensations, sharp headaches, migraines, red eyes, and an acidic smell.



Blue skies and bright sunshine over a fresh grassy meadow with summer wildflowers to represent pitta season.


Summer emphasizes the elements of fire and water – the energy of pitta dosha.


Summer is hot, bright and colorful. During the summer months, the intensity of pitta creates more pitta within you.


In the beginning of the summer people often feel motivated, exuberant, and charged up for the months ahead. By the end of the summer and long, hot days, the build-up of pitta can create burn-out, exhaustion, a hot temper, irritability, or any of the signs of pitta imbalance from excess heat. Summer season, pitta season, is a time for everyone to be more mindful of balancing their pitta.


In the lunar cycle, pitta is strongest during the waxing to full moon. Goddess Artemis is the perfect archetype to represent the energy of the waxing moon, or pre-ovulation. Strong, fierce, pulling back the bow to unleash the arrow for her target personifies the feelings for the pitta lunar phase.



Goddess Artemis aiming her arrow with strength and precision, representing pitta dosha.



How To Balance and Enhance Pitta Dosha ::..

A. Cultivate Clear Channels

Clear channels = spaciousness. Space is cold, and clarity allows for the cool flow of energy. Clogged channels create heat, inflammation and irritability.

  1. Eat an early, light dinner.
  2. Poop first thing in the morning (w/o caffeine) and drink 1 liter of water with lemon to flush your channels.
  3.  Make sure you don’t have any ama (undigested food, toxins or plaque).


B. Adopt an Ayurvedic Diet

  1. Eat whole, fresh, natural, plant-based foods freshly prepared. Favor the sweet, bitter and astringent tastes.
  2. Eat what is in season. Summer foods include: sweet, juicy fruits, sweet veggies, whole grains, leafy greens, etc.
  3. Reduce or eliminate inflammatory foods: sugar, caffeine, processed food, wheat, cow dairy, unhealthy fats, gmo’s and alcohol.


C. Live in an Easeful Way

Living an easeful life is partially about practices, but mainly about shifting your attitude and perspective of the world or daily occurrences in your life. You have the choice to cultivate your mood, and it’s powerful! Use your free will in a way to serve you and others best.

  1. With intention, regularly soften and relax into your day, regardless of what is arising.
  2. Create time in the evening for rest, relaxation, and playfulness.
  3. Practice meditation and Nadi Shodhana pranayama regularly, everyday.



If you need any support or further insight to find natural remedies and enhance your best qualities, please schedule an Ayurvedic Assessment. Click here for more info — >> Ayurvedic Assessment.