Plant Based Diet

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The Basics of Ayurveda for Big Results :::


Plant Based Diet




Plants are a living, prana- rich gift from the earth. Living plants are literally full of consciousness. When we eat simple, plant based foods (rather than food from a box, processed, or other wise altered) we are taking in more life-force energy to shine brighter.  We become more sattvic.


Non plant-based foods (the items from the middle isles in the grocery store) are harder for our body to assimilate. They are less natural, more foreign. They have been altered from their natural plant state and are no longer easy for our body to recognize, process, and make healthy tissue from. These frozen dinners, pastas, soy – protein isolate type things get stuck and muck-up our body. They create ama.


Eat fresh to feel fresh. Connect to the earth through the natural foods you eat.




Eat simple. Eat plants.


This is literally the most basic approach to an Ayurvedic diet. And it packs a BANG.


How can you add in more plants?

  • make a smoothie, fresh juice, or have some fruit for breakfast
  • have a piece of fruit for a snack, instead of a granola bar (or whatever you usually have)
  • add an extra veggie to your plate at any or all meals
  • notice what part of the plant you are eating, and how it impacts you
  • notice where your plants came from
  • notice the plants naturally growing around you. lovingly harvest the ones you are drawn to, and enjoy


As you continue to upgrade, you’ll continue to feel more energy, more vibrancy, clarity and strength.


Some fun and easy websites to get you started with recipes and wild harvesting:


Kris Karr — vegan and fresh.

Detoxinista — a little more fancy and flash.

Wild Edibles — what to eat from your ecosystem for ultimate bang.


If you want to go deeper in this conversation, you’ll want to be a part of my 10 week Ayurveda course Soul Body Bliss. We take this conversation further, and you go further into your journey of health and feeling awesome.


{ Art:  Fruits – Alphonse Mucha }