Prana — The Pulse of Consciousness

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Prana - the subtle essence of Vata dosha

The subtle dosha Prana arises from the dosha of vata. Vata is the energy of space and air. It governs all movement in the body.


Prana is the flow of intelligence and the pulse of consciousness.

It is the great communicator to connect all systems within the body, a bridge that brings together two points. Prana is the movement and pulsation that happens. It is your beating heart, your inhale and exhale, swallowing your food and moving your waste out. It is also the energy movement through the nadis (energy channels) and the movement of your chakras and aura. Prana is the connecting link between the material, consciousness and the mind.


In the trinity of Prana, Tejas and Ojas: tejas creates ojas and ojas protects prana.  All three are inherently connected and dependent on each other. An increase or decrease in one will effect the other. Building awareness on the subtle energies will help you listen to your body better and make the best choices for better health and harmony.


When prana is in optimal flow, we experience great health and harmony with an abundance of energy and vitality. If prana becomes blocked, deficient or excessive health issues will arise.

A person sitting in meditation with the chakras illuminated, representing the flow of prana - the essence of vata dosha.


High Prana:

  • anxiety
  • busy energy
  • disconnected movement
  • feeling spacey or 'spaced out'
  • airy-fairy
  • ungrounded
  • disconnected
  • always pressed for time

Low Prana:

  • exhaustion
  • general low energy
  • adrenal burn-out
  • overwhelm
  • fatigue
  • lack of inspiration

Balanced Prana:

  • in your rhythm and in your flow
  • synchronization
  • time can shift with your perception
  • openness
  • inspiration, joy, excitement


How to create and improve the flow and balance of Prana ➤

  1. Create Clarity
    • clear out the ama 
    • honor your emotions and integrate your emotions - when you are 'triggered' feel the emotion in its entirety. Trace the emotion back to its first and original appearance and guide yourself to integrate the emotion in that past experience. Never suppress emotions or feelings.
    • practice full honesty, openness and transparency in relationships. holding back blocks the flow of prana.
    • don't be attached to an outcome. allow the prana to flow.
  2. Increase Prana
    • Eat a plant based diet and high-prana foods.
    • Do a breath-body practice every morning before eating food. Have prana + deep breathing as your first meal of the day.
    • Practice pranayama, the art of breath control.
    • Strengthen or balance the movement of apana vayu to support prana vayu to flow in. keep all 5 vayus in an open state, with a strong and balanced flow.


If you would like some insight on why your prana might be out of harmony and what steps would be most beneficial, reach out and schedule a short 20 minute coaching session with me. I would love to help! More free and flowing consciousness in you creates more free and flowing consciousness for the universe.


An ancient diagram of Prana flowing through the nadis and chakras ::


Ancient nadi chart representing the flow of prana - the essence of vata dosha.