Soul Body Bliss

Yoga Health Coaching Program

Experience a deep, transformative journey through enhancing your daily rhythms and rituals, self care practices, diet, exercise, connection to spirit and connection to nature.

Next Course Begins January 21st

Dive into the lifestyle practices of Ayurveda and be personally coached to embody this ancient wisdom and up-level your health and wellbeing.

As your personal guide, each week (for ten weeks) I introduce one new Ayurvedic practice with the theory and supportive information behind it. Then, easy yet impactful methods are given to help you implement this wisdom into your daily life and truly embody it.

You change the way you live, to change the way you feel.

Break Through Your Health Blocks

Do You Feel:

Dull, tired, worn out or even exhausted?

Disconnected, distracted or uninspired?

Stressed out, in a rush, restless or short on TIME?

Reliant on caffeine or sugar for extra energy?

You could be making better food choices but it just doesn’t happen or self sabotage sneaks in?

Your appetite, digestion or elimination is less than great?

You’re overbooked and ready to be done with being super “Busy” ?

You’re carrying around 10 or more pounds than you’d like to?

You want to honor your body’s need for more movement and exercise?

You’re feeling the call of spirit, to connect more with your heart and soul?

Change is Possible

In today’s modern society and lifestyle, it’s easy to get caught up and pulled out of our natural alignment and let our health slip away. So much health information is available, yet how to implement all the varying advice? And when you add disease or seemingly ‘unrelated’ health issues into the mix, healing or just getting back on track can seem overwhelming.

You CAN Feel:

At ease, more present, in the flow, and grounded in the moment

Light, strong, fluid and fit in your body; Living at your ideal weight

Connected to the great mystery & magic of life and your spirit within

Vibrant, deeply rested, energized and fresh

Awakened to a deeper connection of Self

Naturally energized, without the need for caffeine

Cravings for healthy, fresh, plant based food

Consistently eat what makes you feel good with a balanced & strong digestion

Quiet, clear, focused, and centered in your mind

Change the way you live to change the way you feel.

This 10-week yoga health-coaching program takes you step by step in an incredibly simple manner to greatly improve your health with the basic lifestyle principles of Ayurveda. Using habit, lifestyle and personal evolution techniques proven successful through scientific research, you are compassionately guided, by yours truly, to make healthier changes you can keep, and continue to improve upon.

Each week, for 10 weeks, we focus on one simple Ayurveda habit. The habits build upon each other and collectively ripple out to have a profound and lasting impact.

Through the Process

Embody the incredible ancient science and wisdom of Ayurveda.

Experience more ease and flow in your life by living with the greater energetic flow of nature in the daily and nightly

Create change slowly, with minimal stress, to change who you are as an individual and maintain your new way of living.

Consistently make positive changes in how you live to help your body heal and feel vibrant, energized, clear and strong.

Get healthier, in the most natural, easy way, with no end to how amazing you can feel.

Continually evolve more into the person you want to be.

What You Can Expect


Live Calls

We come together live every week in a one-hour conference call. Over the call, we discuss the weekly practice and take time for live coaching and troubleshooting, support and inspiration.

If you can’t make the call live or want to listen again, a recording is available.

Those doing the private course with one-on- one coaching listen to the lesson as a recording. Then, we meet over the phone once per week for personalized laser coaching to meet you exactly where you’re at.

Student Resources Hub

There is a plethora of resources to support and guide you on the journey.

You receive:

  •  77 page Master Habits E-Book and a 22 page Habit Changing Guide to dig deep into the concepts and clarify your direct actions.
  • A 25 page recipe book full of amazing, fresh, plant based recipes.
  • Two 20 minute lessons each week to give you a thorough background on each topic.
  • Weekly handouts, charts, journaling, and other self-inquiry worksheets are also yours to deepen the process, keep you on track, and bring forth your internal desires and wisdom.

Evolutionary Community

We create more community through a private group page on Facebook. Here you can share your trials and tribulations, breakthroughs and battles, struggles and bliss. We all can offer support, guidance, suggestions and inspiration to others amplifying our empowerment individually and collectively. When we come together with shared intentions, our capabilities for transformation and evolution are heightened.

To keep an integral transformational group, intimate connection, and dynamic energy maintained, at this time the class size is limited to 13 participants.


10 Week Syllabus

Week 1: Meal times

Optimal meal timing in rhythm with nature; enhancing your digestion; losing or gaining weight; alleviating minor health ailments/allergies/inflammation/mucous/ ama; supporting your body to heal. Creating clarity for the unobstructed flow of consciousness.

Week 2: Evening Ritual

Creating a sweet, juicy evening and an earlier bedtime to build your strength, immunity, and healthy glow; connecting more with the ultimate energetic rhythm of the earth + sun to sleep deeper and wake up easier; honoring your personal needs for self care; getting deeply rested, living deeply energized.

Week 3: Morning Ritual

Your connection to the cosmos and spirit; seeing your visions, setting intentions and living your prayer; an ultimate morning ritual to step into the day centered, grounded, aligned and activated; streaming and efficiency.

Week 4: Exercise

Ayurvedic insights to exercise and creating your optimal body breath practice; opening your subtle body and connecting to the physical body with breath and movement; the power of pulsation; prana (vital life force energy) as your first ‘meal’ of the day; opening with greater intelligence; getting fit! Honoring your need to move on the regular; getting in shape, toning up or increasing flexibility; taking action to live at your ideal weight. Anchoring down a consistent exercise routine.

Week 5: Plant Based Diet

A natural, seasonal, prana rich and nutrient dense approach to your nourishment; listening to your body’s needs and intuition; eating locally and supporting your ecosystem; an abundant and blessed orientation to life; yin vs yang foods. Using specific tools to upgrade your diet. Prana rich foods for a Prana rich experience. (Prana = vital life force essence.)

Week 6: Self Massage

Abhyangha – Ayurveda oil massage as a daily ritual for deep and impactful self care. Get grounded, become deeply present, build awareness, buffer your nervous system, strengthen your immunity, get glowing beautiful skin. Experience self love in action.

Week 7: Meditation

Creating or refining a daily meditation practice that is best for you; maintaining consistency; knowing and getting what you want from your practice; the Eight Limbs of Yoga; the power of pranayama and mantra. Sitting in silence to connect with spirit for more love, clarity, expansion and higher consciousness. Raise your vibration and welcome in your higher self to illuminate your blessed being into all aspects of your life.

Week 8: Healthy Eating Guidelines

How you eat is just as important as what you eat; meal timing and spacing in tune with the natural cycle of the day; incorporating the 6 tastes for your unique needs; grace and receptivity. Heal your digestion; improve your digestive fire; move closer to your ideal weight; get grounded and open to more pleasure.

Week 9: Sense Organ Care

Oil pulling, tongue scrapping, neti pots, eye washes, nasya oil; healing and enhancing the power of your sense organs for the long haul.

Week 10: Easeful Living

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Altering your perception to alter your reality; our beliefs as an important part of who we are; opening to greater love and bliss. Create more ease, love, flow and synchronicity in every single day. Trust in the great mystery. Surrender to grace and let go of what doesn’t serve you.


Habit Change Methods

Along with the Ayurveda practices, you are personally coached with professional habit changing methods to create substantial and lasting change.

It’s not just about learning new info, it’s about HOW to live the new knowledge and incorporate it into your life! For real. With lasting results. As simple and stress-free as possible. 

Some of the tools and concepts I use to help you embody the knowledge –>>

Ready to Transform?

Yoga Health Coaching Program

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About Anna, Your Coach

I am an Ayurveda Practitioner, Master Reiki Therapist, Priestess of the Moon, and Yoga Health Coach. I am a mentor for the Living Ayurveda Course (a 9 month Ayurveda school with 75 annual students, founded by Cate Stillman) and a follower of Sri Guru Mooji. I bring these elements, and more, to you with my expression of Ayurveda, spirituality and the Divine Feminine.

It is my passion and dharma to help you upgrade your health. I believe in Ayurveda as a system to support your healing, your flourishing, and your ultimate truth in Self-realization. Taking care of your body, mind, and spirit in a wholesome and loving way is fundamental to help your light shine bright and live fully from your heart.

I truly care about you! I feel inspired by and for my clients, and have a deeply caring compassion for each person I work with. Your success and health is important to me, and is important for the world.

This was my second time to do the Soul, Body, Bliss course. The first time was a little over 2 years ago. My experiences in both courses were extremely positive. I plan to do the course again in the coming months to really solidify my new habits. It is amazing how something so simple as these 10 habits can impact our lives and how we feel. By doing this course, Anna helped me to to get really specific with my goals, and how to obtain them. We all want to change, but without being very specific, I feel we always will fall short.

I learned how to really listen to my body and heart and mind to notice how I feel when I am consistent in my habits, contrary to how I feel when I am off or totally disregard my health. Anna reminded us time and time again that we are not reaching for perfection, but to constantly work towards improving each habit slowly and steadily. I feel that this helped me to take pressure off myself to be very successful this time.

I am grateful for this course, and the people who supported me in the first steps to a beautiful, blissful life.

This course gives you several different tools to make lasting changes. It also allows for self love and understanding of resistance (which is life after all). I look forward to using all of these new tools to constantly improve my health, mind, body, and spirit.

Anna does such an amazing job, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to reach small health goals, or even bigger life changes. Thank you so much Anna, and all of the women in Soul, Body, Bliss for helping me to break through my stagnation and to truly raise my vibration, and be the best person I can be!!!

These 10 weeks have been amazing! I’ve learned so much and have been able to integrate a great (and more to come). I’ve learned to surrender to what it is, be more in the flow and have more awareness in my own body, routines and environment. The challenges have made me stronger and have helped me see and accept my weakness and vulnerabilities. But also see my strengths and my reactions. I have so much fun learning and observing myself! To know you and share with you on this journey is a blessing.
—Maria Mar, DH

Anna Welle’s conversations are both vibrant and educational. She is realistic and up to date on how we can get our bodies to run better, and feel better. Plus, she is really fun to talk to. It’s a great environment. Contact her and you’ll find out how to upgrade your life too. —Brenda Butikofer

Refund Policy

I ask that you show up with full commitment to this work (for yourself, the group, and as your coach). I hold sacred your word upon final registration (first payment) and ask you to show up fully to the course work. By registering, you agree to be responsible for all payments in your plan. After your first payment, all course materials are yours to keep for good, and your success is massively important to me.

If you attend all the sessions, play full out, and do the homework and do NOT feel like you have received your money’s worth upon completion of this program, I will be happy to give you a full refund.

And I remain committed to you! This company operates on the values of trust, faith, and love.

It is an honor and joy to assist in your personal evolution.

Ready for a Breakthrough?

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Schedule 20 minutes to talk, ask questions, etc.

I want to thank you for changing my life.

When I did my yoga training I felt like it was the beginning of a new life and I feel that way again. I have a long way to go but I am really trying to take it slow. You are changing the world one good habit at a time and thanks again.

– Emmy J.

Anna is brilliant. She is so wise and at the same time, so approachable. Her authenticity and applied knowledge of the material is what makes this course really effective. I am so happy that I was able to connect with Anna in a deeper way through this experience. I’m looking forward to continuing to strengthen the bond that was formed through this course.

– Emily D


Anna has had an incredible impact on my life since before this program and especially since completing the program! I love the language she uses about Ayurveda, health and our bodies. She has such deep knowledge! The wonderful, poetic nature she speaks with helps bridge the gap from contemplating to deeply feeling healthier and in touch with our innate body-wisdom.  – Terese Elhard

When I signed up for Anna’s course I had just experienced losing everything I owned in a house fire. I was in severe shock and trying to figure out how to re-create a healthy lifestyle for myself. Her step-by-step guidance was so crucial for me at a time when I could no longer cook for myself. The Weekly lessons were just enough support to introduce new practices into my life without feeling overwhelmed. Her guidance and gentle coaching was a godsend for me at an emotional time of great change.

It has been a year since I completed the course with her and many of the practices have just become a part of my daily life without any strenuous effort. The ones that are not quite a new habit are constantly on my mind! What I love most about coaching with Anna was her ability to make healthy living easy, fun and vibrant.

It has given me a lot of integrity with self-care, with specific achievable goals towards better self-care. It’s given me a lot of happiness. I feel more readily connected to the Ananda Maya Kosha – Bliss Body.

It feels like I’m doing a ton of yoga now, because I do a little everyday!

I feel centered, happy, and that I’m stepping forward with really awesome energy.

It’s big. It’s shed a lot of light on all the possibility and really having a better lifestyle. When you break down how to achieve something, you realize how important those steps are! Now, I have a nice road map that shows me where I want to go…

It’s been a transformative experience. It’s been such a big turnaround. Thank You.

Thank you for creating a beautiful space for us to learn about Ayurveda and Self-Care. Each class was packed with great information that I could use immediately. Here we are at week 10 already.

When I reflect on how this course has affected my life I’m amazed. It’s hard to believe how much more focused I am.

I’m using my time more efficiently, experiencing clarity in my thoughts and lightness in my body. My body weight has redistributed- I’ve gone from a size 10 to a size 8 pant…  Yipppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeee!  Thank you for graciously guiding us toward becoming an even better version of ourselves.

Working with Anna is INSPIRING.

I’ve done the course twice now, and each time you work on these habits you discover new layers of yourself and easiness. I feel more centered no matter what happens around or inside me. At peace. Free



You are a really calm presence, which makes me personally feel very safe whenever we chat.  I think you’re very informative about the Ayurvedic practice and lifestyle, and you are going to bring value to anyone wanting to make changes in their life because you really understand that baby steps are necessary. I like that you understand that small changes are monumental and that for most people, even a tiny change in lifestyle (say taking 15 extra minutes for some “me” time in the morning) is incredibly challenging…. so what you teach and talk about and write about is more accessible and reasonable because you take things one step at a time.
It’s always really nice and interesting talking about anything with you because you listen, you give great-unbiased advice, you are open to a back & forth discussion, and you always follow up.

Anna was a great coach for the Yoga Health Coaching course. With her comforting, compassionate presence, she created a safe space to reveal my vulnerability and challenges.  She listened deeply and asked pertinent questions that helped me become more self-aware. She offered answers that reflected her knowledge and experience, always delivered with kindness.

I trust Anna and wouldn’t hesitate to use her as a personal Ayurvedic Practitioner should the need arise.  Thank you, Anna, for being you.