Scrape Your Tongue

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The Basics of Ayurveda for Big Results :::


Tongue Scrapping 




Scrape off the ama to support the functioning of this massively important organ, and get a clue to what’s going on internally for you.


The tongue is a map of the internal body. If reflects what is happening inside with your main organs and digestive tract. When you look at your tongue everyday, you can make better decisions to support a healthier digestive system and body, overall.


Also – the sensory ability to taste is an incredibly important part of eating and staying healthy. The tongue wants to communicate to the body information about whats being digested, and make an intelligent decision as to whether or not that is the best food for you.  Plus, it’s nice to be able to taste your food. Eating is awesome.


A tongue with a white, plaquey coating (ama) has blocked taste buds. It can’t function to its fullest and decipher exactly what you’re putting into your mouth, leading to bad or unintelligent decisions.




Buy a metal tongue scrapper, like this one, from Banyan Botanicals or at a local health food store.


Every morning, just before you brush your teeth, check your tongue out. What’s going on?  You can refer to the tongue chart below. Start noticing that what, when, and how you eat affects your digestion and is reflected on your tongue.


Then, using the scrapper, lie the metal edge at the back of the tongue and pull forward – scrapping off the gunk and goo. Scrape seven times to ignite the agni (digestive fire) in each of your seven tissues.


And enjoy your next meal!




{ Art : The Moon – Alphonse Mucha }  { Chart from “Ayurveda, The Science of Healing” by Dr. Vasant Lad }