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Open to higher consciousness and optimal health through the ancient science of Ayurveda and the guidance of Yoga Health Coaching.

Sam dosha, samagni, samdhatu malakriyah

Prasannatma, indriyas manah swath abhidayate.

~ Sushruta stru 24/41

Health is created when all three doshas (energies) and agni (digestion and metabolism) are functioning optimally and in balance. When atman (soul), senses, and mana (intellect) are in harmony, then internal peace and svastha (optimal health) is achieved.


Ayurveda is an ancient science that uses the power of nature to bring you back into balance, heal and enhance yourself.

When you understand your own personal nature, and how your interaction with the world influences your experience, you are empowered to make better choices to heal from dis-ease or enhance your health.

Lifestyle, relationships, exercise, food choices, eating habits, digestion, quality of sleep, daily rhythm, self care and sacred practices are a few of the areas focused on and dialed in to improve your experience of life.

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Yoga Health Coaching is based on the powerful principles of Ayurveda combined with an effective, systematic plan to implement change in how you live to create a healthier and more vibrant life.

You are personally guided and supported through the process of upgrading your simple everyday choices to make massive upgrades in your health in a 10 week program.  You can feel deeply rested, energized, alive, fresh, more confident in food choices, streamlined, heart centered, peaceful, connected, and joyful – to name a few benefits.

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Reiki energy therapy sessions are a very simple way to bring more healing energy into your body.

During a session, you relax on the massage table while I place my hands on different areas of your body – focusing on places where you experience more discomfort, pain, or any issues. Energy is channeled directly where it needs to go, and the divine consciousness of your being is assisted to heal, repair, or improve whatever it needs to. It is incredibly relaxing and restorative. Chakra assessments and balancing can also be done.

Treatment sessions are available at my studio in the Grass Valley area, or at the comfort of your own home.

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Free Live Ayurveda Lesson

Every so often (a few times a year) I offer a free, live lesson on Ayurveda!

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Curiosity Call

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It’s free and a great way to check the vibes, ask any questions, and figure out if we want to work together.  And of course, no pressure to commit.

I looked forward to the times I got to speak with Anna on the phone. Even the sound of her voice was soothing. She was a grounding force for me when my life was in another flux.

Anna’s level of training is evident in her ability to really listen to what was present for me at the moment and respond with clarity and exactitude, confidence and personal experience. I felt like Anna really heard what was underneath my words and could go beyond the surface level to what was really going on for me, and address the root of the issue.

Something I loved about working with Anna is her transparency and willingness to continue to ask better questions of herself and her mentees. She is a practitioner of a very high level and yet she’s simultaneously continuing her own education—this is the best kind of person to take any journey with.

Anna held space for whatever was arising for me, and lead me into a new discovery each time we talked simply be telling a story of her own experience that connected us—it was amazing! I felt like I could really connect with her even though I’d never met her in person.

Thank you, Anna, for your dedication, heart, and willingness to go along this path together!

~ Shinay Tredeau

Working with Anna has been such a privilege and joy. I looked forward so much to our Skypes.  I felt she was working not just from a place of deep knowledge, but also intuition and personal experience. An important blend!

I learned so much from her, and always re-read the notes from our calls, they were so packed with information. We covered many areas from the Ayurvedic tradition, both practical and subtle concepts. I really valued the suggestions she’s given for both myself and for my yoga clients.

I always left our calls feeling more knowledgeable, positive and inspired. Thank you Anna!

Lou Kitchener Yoga therapist, Yoga Studio Director

Anna is a pleasure to work with.  Over the 9 months of working together she seem to get to the root of my issues and offer guidance and ideas. Anna possesses a very special skill to calm my Pitta drive and motivate my Kapha laziness. By our last session together, I felt I had some tricks in my bag to use well after our time together had come to an end.

Miss you already  🙂


Anna demonstrates warmth and wisdom in every interaction.  Our conversations were filled with tangible and helpful ideas, and I always left with something new to try, or a new way to think about my body.  I’m so grateful for our shared time, and all that I learned about Ayurveda and healing with Anna!

Gratitude Abounds,