Supa Fresh Mylk

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My latest food favorite has been making nut mylks and creams. It’s so easy! It’s also super cheap, simple, fresh, and healthy. Annnnd, you can completely customize your beverage creation! Sweetness.

So here’s how ~~

Ratio —

  • nut mylk — about 4 to 1, nuts to water
  •  cream — I recommend about 2 to 1.

1. Place nuts and water in a blender

2. Add sweetener — honey, sugar, stevia, dates, rasins, agave, the sky’s your limit!

3. Add flavor if you like — cinnamon, vanilla, salt,pumpkin pie spice, cacao, mmmhmmm.

4. Blend.

5. Strain —  a nut mylk bag is nice for this, which can be purchased at whole foods. If your blender is nice, or you don’t mind a few little chunks, you might chose not to strain

6. Enjoy!

tips —

  • if you use almonds, soak overnight or about 8 hours to ease digestion.
  • use a full vanilla pod rather than extract for a super rich flavor
  • the mylk should last about 3-7 days in the fridge
  • try infusing your water with tea for extra flavor!