Waning Moon

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The Goddess Nephthys ~ Guardian of the Dead - Emily Balivet



“Wild Woman Enchantress” 

Autumn Season, Pitta to Vata Dosha



The waning moon happens as the full moon descends into the new moon. Just as her energies are shifting from bright to dark, we shift our energy and attention from the external world into our internal world.


We move into a mysterious, mystical, witchy and magical space. When our focus is less on what is outside, and instead on what lays within, our intuitive and psychic abilities are naturally more available.


In this distinct shift from outer to inner awareness, emotions become stronger and more active. We may feel more dramatic and even destructive. It’s important to make time and space to be with the emotions, allowing them to be felt and moved through. Emotion = energy in motion.


Emotions are a powerful spiritual tool to guide us deeper into our divinity. When we slow down from our ‘regular life stuff’ and honor the slower pace of the waning moon, we are able to utilize this more vulnerable and raw place.


It’s also important to be with the rising emotions to feel and release what needs to be let go of, in prevention from carrying it into the next cycle. It is a cleansing and a clearing. The stronger emotions can also be a way for us to see what is or isn’t in alignment with our higher beliefs and deeper desires. At this time, we need to be with the emotions and the messages they bring to see what needs to change in the future for our needs and desires to be met.


As we descend into the darkening moon, we dive into the darker and deeper aspects of ourselves. This is a beautiful time to step away from the mode of productivity and more into creativity, rest, and reflection. We are meant to withdraw from intellectual and physical activities and instead practice nourishment and self inquiry.


During this last quarter phase, be careful and selective with how you schedule your time. Don’t over-do it, and leave plenty of space for personal, quiet, creative and restful time.


Naturally, we may also be inclined to clean and clear-out our home. Just as the uterus is preparing for the shedding of its lining, we are inspired to shed the physical things in our surroundings. Cleaning, letting go and clearing out extra stuff in the home has a supporting impact on the energetic and emotional releases that are happening, too.


It’s also really nice to clean, clear, freshen and beautify your home temple before drawing inwards even deeper during the approaching dark moon phase.



Ayurvedic Life Style Practices for Waning Phase ➤


  • Sloooooow down. It is imperative for vata to slow the pace, compared to the waxing and full moon, to not feel completely exhausted for the dark moon or the entire next cycle.
  • Attention and energy is shifted from an outward focus to an inward focus. Self-care and nurturance are even more important.
  • Create a moon-time basket. Place it in your bedroom or living area during the end of the waning moon to remind you of the shift into a slower, more careful pace.
  • Eat simple, nourishing foods that are easy on digestion: soups, stews, kitchari, one-pot meals, cooked grains, tea.




  • Get in touch with your emotions. Create space and time to feel them and support the process of moving them through. Practice journaling, art, time alone, quiet reflection, being in nature, counseling, music, talking with trusted friends.
  • Get more clear on what could be causing the emotions, if they are repetitive. (Especially for pitta: irritability, frustration, anger, judgement, reactivity, etc) See if your life may not be in alignment with your higher beliefs. Acknowledge things that need to change. Release what you can in the waning / dark moon and take action to change in the waxing and full.
  • Get rest, and don’t over-do or push too hard. Have time for relaxation or fun especially in the evenings. Avoid burning the candle at both ends.
  • Eat more cooling and sweet foods: greens, root veggies, whole grains, sweet juicy fruits, whole grains. Eat less pungent (spicy) sour and salty foods.
  • Do a pitta cleanse if your emotions are intense, your bleeding is very heavy/ excessive and bright red, and you experience loose stools, acne, burning eyes and pitta emotions.


  • Get rid of extra stuff in your home / work space / car / kitchen, etc. Clean, organize and clear things out. Clear the energy and freshen up your living spaces. Burn sage, palo santo or cedar. Pick fresh flowers and brighten your environment.
  • Reduce the need to put others first, especially at this time, and direct your energy more on how you need to be cared for first and foremost.
  • Try dry brushing to move your lymph and blood to combat stagnation and create more lightness.
  • Get clear on what you can let go of in your life. Break free from attachments or old patterns or thoughts that don’t serve your highest good.
  • Eat lighter, more cleansing foods: broths, broth based soups (not cream) spicy foods, salads, fruit or smoothies for breakfast. Stay away from heaviness including dairy, sweets, excess proteins, grains, etc.

As we honor ourselves and how we change through each of the different aspects of the cycle, we can enrich the many aspects of our life and being. The energies that are present during the waning moon can be highlighted, and we are then that much more able to accentuate the next aspects of our selves when they are stronger in the corresponding moon phase. Going with the flow for ease, strength, sensitivity, grace, power, intuition, greater intelligence, wisdom, love, nurturance, determination, fierceness… all the never-ending glorious colors of your nature!

May we live with the changing cycles of the moon to honor and heighten our health and wellbeing, to awaken and remember the feminine mysteries within.



{ ART : The Three Fates (Moirai) – by Emily Balivet }