Waxing Moon

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{Moon Goddess of Mystery Psychedelic} by {Emily Balivet}







“Moon Maiden” 


Spring Season, Kapha to Pitta Dosha




The waxing moon is the lunar cycle from new into full. It is a movement out of the internal, into the external world.


Waxing moon is post menstruation, pre-ovulation for those who bleed. The lining of the uterus has just been shed, and all that along with emotions, things unmanifest, and anything we released with the dark moon. We are starting fresh and renewed, just like a bright spring day.


Physically, the body is more light and energized. We are less associated with our physical or emotional sides, and most in a mental, analytical, intellectual space. We feel light, free, inspired and joyful. We are at our optimal time for planning, organizing, and thinking things through. It’s a time of being extra motivated, enthusiastic, determined, goal-oriented, independent and mentally clear.


This is a great time to map out your upcoming cycle. You can leverage this present energy to plan out what will suit you best during each phase of the coming cycles. This can support your alignment with each of the four phases, and support you with what you need at that time.


It’s also ideal to schedule your business meetings now, doing more mentally focused work, cleaning, organizing, and taking part in more social activities.


This waxing moon can be considered the standard phase society operates at. It can be easy to continue to operate from a waxing phase, but ignoring, pushing away or denying the beauty and power of the other phases does harm and diminishes the potential of our full spectrum.


Thus, it’s important to recognize the qualities of this phase and have greater awareness to your tendencies to stay “stuck” in waxing moon mode. When you notice you don’t naturally flow into the full, waning, and new energies, you can make a conscious effort to adopt a more feminine lifestyle and change with the ‘season’.


Ayurvedic Lifestyle practices for Waxing phase  ➤


  • don’t push too hard during this time. maintain healthy boundaries and limits for yourself. keep it in check
  • stay grounded and cultivate stability
  • create a schedule to have more structure and regularity in life.


  • remind yourself to enjoy the process in life, without being attached to end results. Let go and soften into the present.
  • reduce stimulants like – caffeine, cacao, and refined sweeteners
  • schedule time for fun, rest, and relaxation
  • do nadi-shodhana pranayama


  • exercise! especially cardio to make you sweat and move things out
  • harness the energy now, while it’s more available, to get things done
  • plan out the healthier and lighter meals you want to have
  • schedule time with friends or colleagues, especially ones that motivate and inspire you.


By becoming more familiar with the maiden moon attributes, you can leverage the energies available at this time, and also notice when you haven’t shifted out of these lunar qualities into the next phase. Which may be a growing edge for many. Awareness is the subtle fire of transformation. May you utilize your magical moon ways to open and share more light and love.


{ART: Moon Goddess of Mystery Psychedelic by Emily Balivet}