Your Morning Routine

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Your Morning Routine 




Start your day right to prime yourself optimally for the day ahead.


When you take an extra 5, 20, or 50 minutes to care for yourself in the morning you are priming yourself up for  an optimal day. Connect the physical body, energy body, intellect and soul for a wholly integrated and more intelligent self to step into the day, each and every day.


And honestly, a good morning routine is fun and feels awesome. It’s addictive.




Wake up and give thanks. Feel into the precious gift of a human life on earth with gratitude.


Let go of all waste (pee, poop, plaque in the mouth, eye crusties, etc…) (If you don’t poop every morning without caffeine you can and need to change that!)


Flush your channels with hot or room temp water (add lemon for extra alkalinity).


Move your body and take big breaths for 5-30 minutes before you eat. Have oxygen as your first meal of the day. Draw fresh prana (vital life force energy) into each and every cell of your body to truly wake up and revitalize.


Sit in silence. Expand into your eternal nature.


Enjoy a simple, fresh breakfast.


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{ Art :  Times of Day Series – Morning Awakening, Alphonse Mucha }