Self Massage – Abhyangha

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Self Massage ~ Abhyanga 




Self massage (abhyanga) is a beautiful loving act of self care.


It puts you in touch with your body (literally), your nervous system and emotional body.


When you rub oil into the top layer of your skin, all seven layers absorb the nourishment – all the way into your nervous system. This helps to strengthen the skin and your nerves. As you massage your skin, you are simultaneously massaging your nerve endings in the skin and hence your nervous system. Your skin, muscles, joints, lymph system, everything benefits. You feel cared for, loved, nourished, strengthened, grounded, and moisturized. You can sleep better, relax better, have better focus, an enhanced immune system…. You glow.




Start with your feet, if self-massage is new to you. Every night, rub some oil into the soles of your feet before you go to bed.

When you’re ready, slowly upgrade to a full body massage. This can be done before or after your shower. If you want, first warm up your oil of choice by running the bottle of oil under hot water or filling your sink with hot water and let the bottle warm up. Sit on an old towel, at the edge of your tub, on the toilet, or on the floor. Make sure you feel warm and comfy.

Begin by rubbing the oil into the soles of your feet. Take your time. Be present. Get to know your body, how you feel, and what you need. Working your way up your legs, use a circular motion over your joints (ankles, knees, etc). Use long, steady strokes over your limbs (calves, thighs, arms.) Use large, slow circles over your abdomen, butt, and chest. Kneed some TLC into your neck and shoulders. Don’t forget your ears, and your scalp if you don’t mind a little oil in your hair.

Keep in mind the oil can seep into your towels, clothes or bedding. Wear pjs or fabrics you’re not concerned about getting a little spotty. Or just use the oil sparingly.




  • unrefined, untoasted sesame oil for dry skin or colder climates (vata)
  • coconut oil for warmer body types or warmer climates (pitta)
  • almond or jojoba for cooler, medium skin types (kapha)



Take your time, let this rich practice of self love and deep self care nurture your body, mind and soul.   ?


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