Tejas ~ The Spark of Consciousness

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Illuminated heart burning to infinity, representing the essence of pitta dosha - tejas.


Tejas ~ the subtle essence of pitta dosha

The subtle dosha Tejas arises from the dosha of pitta. Pitta is the energy of fire and water. It is the transformative power within the body.


Tejas is the burning flame of pure intelligence, the luminosity of awareness, the spark of consciousness.

It is the fire of digestion and transformation that we take in and experience, including – food, liquids, thoughts, emotions, actions, events, everything.


“As we take in universal tejas into the individual body we become more awake. We become more directed. We take action in alignment for the good, the true and the beautiful,”  Cate Stillman.


Tejas is the evolutionary impulse to act, move, expand. It is expression and excitement. It is the never-ending unfolding of something simple into greater complexity. (A cell multiplying to form tissues, tissues to form organs, organs to form a human, humans create a society, evolving into the future…)


Tejas is Shakti! It’s a dynamic movement, spark, and the prakruti or initial spark of creation.


The balance of tejas in the every-changing experience of life is fundamental to creating supreme ojas and containing prana. When your tejas is out of whack, it can show up as signs within your body, mentality, or general experience.

Spiritual awakening of a woman with an open heart and illuminated third eye, representing the subtle essence of pitta: tejas.



High Tejas:

  • critical
  • frustrated
  • cruel
  • judgmental
  • obsessed
  • overly aggressive
  • inflamed
  • burnt-out
  • burn off of ojas, can’t hold prana

Low Tejas:

  • confusion
  • inability to make good decisions
  • feeling foggy
  • no focus
  • apathy
  • lack of passion
  • dullness or gloominess

Balanced Tejas

  • radiance, luster, glowing
  • lively personality
  • an agent of positive change
  • vitality
  • clarity in decision making. choosing what is best for the greatest good.
  • burning off or unlearning what isn’t true.
  • transcendance


Goddess Lalita dancing on a lotus representing the Shakti and tejas of life.


How to create and maintain balance of Tejas ➤

  1. Practice the power of your present moment awareness.
    • In meditation, and also everyday throughout the day, in each moment, come to the point of your attention where you are aware of everything. Rest in the place where you can witness everything coming and going. From this point of power, what you are not melts away and transformation happens. This is your supreme intelligence, your ability to be aware of all that is. The divine nature of your consciousness and the gateway of our highest truth.
  2. Set intentions.
    • Every morning, while laying in bed before getting on your phone or getting caught up in the to-dos or actions of life, set an intention for what you can offer the world from your frequency. Something you can be or experience in that very moment and throughout the day.
  3. Get insightful. Ask yourself or hang out with someone who can ask you the bigger questions or the little ones that get the sparks going. Give space for insight and ‘aha’ to arrive and land.
  4. Imagine. Vision. Dream.
  5. Meditate. Create a daily meditation practice. Specifically working on your 3rd eye or doing a mindfulness meditation can fuel your tejas.
  6. Practice pratyahara, the control of senses.
    • do a detox
    • limit your intake of stimulation, especially with televisions, computers, phones, etc
    • spend time in nature
    • do a silent retreat
    • practice ‘silent Sundays’
    • turn off your phone every evening well before bedtime and don’t open your phone until after you have gone through your morning rituals and self-care practices.
  7. Keep company with those of a high frequency or great energy. (Friends, family, teachers, coaches, guides.) Sit with, read, or watch videos from realized masters or people who are aligned and activated. My favorites are: Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Mary Magdalene, Matt Kahn, Teal Swan, Cate Stillman and Dr. Vassant Lad.
  8. Ground down and then open to receive your Higher Self.


Illuminated womaning praying with sparks of light, representing tejas.


If you would like further support to create and enhance your tejas, please schedule an Ayurvedic Assessment. Click here for more info –> Ayurvedic Assessment.